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Empathy Cafe: How to spread the Empathy Circle practice in XR?

25 Mar

Wednesday 25 March 2020


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Online Free Event on Zoom. In this Empathy Cafe, we will use the Empathy Circle process to discuss and take tangible steps to spread the Empathy Circle process widely throughout the Extinction Rebellion movement and beyond. We want to support people in learning and deepening their active listening (aka, empathic listening, reflective listening, deep listening) skills. We want every person to be able to; * take part in an Empathy Circle, * facilitate an Empathy Circle * facilitate an Empathy Cafe. * train others in the practice. We will talk about how local XR CHAPTERS, ANY GROUP and ALL ORGANIZATIONS can get support for holding online Empathy Circles. If your group set the times and dates, brings together people online, we can help you facilitate an Empathy Circle. QUESTIONS TO DISCUSS ====================== * What are the benefits of Empathy Circles in XR? * What are the drawbacks of empathy circles in XR? * How might we make this empathy circle a foundational XR practice? * What are the benefits of empathy circles as foundational XR practice? * ETC, ETC. TIMES AROUND THE WORLD ====================== ( ) Wednesday, Mar 25 11 am PST - 2 pm EST - 6 pm GMT - 7 pm CET (2.5 hr) More Times: ( ) Wednesday, April 1 More Times: ONLINE MEETING LOCATION ====================== Zoom Meeting Room URL: Click on the link to enter the Zoom video conferencing room. CALL WILL BE RECORDED ====================== The full meeting will be recorded for educational purposes and posted to social media (YouTube/Facebook/Etc). Do not take part if you do not want to be recorded. CO-HOSTS ====================== XR Future Democracy Hub Extinction Rebellion Empathy Circles Work Group and many more.... Contact us to be a cohost. EMPATHY CIRCLE ====================== An Empathy Circle is a structured dialogue process that effectively supports meaningful and constructive dialogue. It increases mutual understanding and connection by ensuring that each person feels fully heard to their satisfaction. IN PREPARATION ====================== see: 1. What is an Empathy Circle? 2. Why Participate? Benefits: 3. How to Empathy Circle? How To Take Part in a Basic Empathy Circle (25 min)


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