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18 Nov

Calling All Rebels! Don’t Compare Yourself To Rosa Parks

Madeleine Jenkins, student journalist, explains why Non-Violent Direct Action training should come with a hard-hitting history lesson...

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21 Oct

Parenting and Activism

Keira Relton talks first hand about the challenge of raising children as a climate activist.

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16 Oct

Beyond The Arrests: Fuelling The Rebellion

Catherine Love shares her experience of the ongoing International Rebellion, and draws attention to the many crucial roles that take place behind the scenes.

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9 Sep

Northern Rebellion: Celebrating Climate Activism In Manchester

Catherine Love, freelance arts journalist, shares her thoughts after spending a weekend at the Northern Rebellion.

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2 Sep

Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to Save the World

Michael Regan, PhD student at the University of Lancaster, reviews Ben Zand’s documentary Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to Save the World?

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26 Aug

The Wind in their Sails: XR and Young People

Cath Heinemeyer discusses the need to get young people on board to drive the climate movement

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12 Aug

The Struggle For Sustainable Housing

A Mandate For Change, created at Demand A Future on the 21st of June, tackles housing as a central issue for both City of York council and the national government. Gwen Vardigans, Education Lead at the North Yorkshire branch of the Royal College of Nurses, explains why.

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5 Jul

Demand A Future – A Perspective by Eve Branston, Co-Ordinator of York’s Pagan Group

Eve Branston, coordinator of York's Kith of the Earthen Star Pagan Group, shares her take on XRYork's recent Demand A Future event.

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